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Msgr. James E. Fitzgibbon Council 8244
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In Memory of our Departed Brother Knights

Msgr. James E. Fitzgibbon
(August 1961)

Edwin G. Peterson, Jr.

Gary C. Allen

Nicholas J. Barbera

Joseph E. Hart

Regis R. Hettle

Wilber E. Decker

Samuel H. Romano

Arthur M. Keiper, PGK

Robert J. Scilla

Joseph Bokonyi

John E. Burkey, Sr.

William J. Brandle

Bernard A. Wass

Richard S. Ling, Jr.

Vito J. La Porta

Andrew Sidor

Stephen J. Garrity

Bernard C. Hornick

James C. Miller

Patsy C. Corvi

Joseph M. Roesch

Frank R. Hillman

Henry J. Klinar

Robert L. Tercek

Andrew A. Rifalato

Richard W. Remic

Joseph C. Cannin

Frank Seman

Alfred L. James

Francis M. Mihalic

Edward J. Petrick

Joseph J. Zaczek, Jr.

Msgr. Joseph R. Kiniry

Anthony A. Ardire

James F. Klenner

Phillip Vaught, PGK

John D. Sipko, Jr.

Kenneth K. Dimpl

James J. Pozun

J. Wesley Shertzer

George M. Azar

Wade N. Foltz

James W. Baserman

Martin M. Campanella, Sr.

John S. Goodwin, Jr.

John C. McClafferty, Jr.

Robert S. Servacek, PGK

Charles D. Rager

Paul F. Burkett

Frank N. Campagna

Leonard S. Yesh Sr.

Jeffrey A. Wolfhope

Council Information
The Msgr. James E. Fitzgibbon Council meets in the Saint John Paul II Building on the campus of Saint Benedict's Parish. St. Benedict Catholic Church is located at 2310 Bedford Street in the Geistown suburb of Johnstown Pennsylvania. The current Grand Knight is Greg Kutsick. You can contact him by phone at (814) 421-7005, or by email at gregory_bridget@floodcity.net.

Council Meetings
The Msgr. James E. Fitzgibbon Council meets at 7:30 PM on the third Tuesday of each month in the Chapel of the Saint John Paul II Building. The Rosary is recited prior to the monthly meeting at 7:00 PM.

Fourth Degree Meetings of the All Saints Assembly #954 are held at the Saint Francis of Assisi Parish Hall on Barron Avenue in the Morrellville section of Johnstown Pennsylvania. These meetings are held at 7:30 PM on the first Wednesday of each month. The Rosary is recited prior to the monthly meeting at 7:00 PM.

About Our Council
Monsignor James E. Fitzgibbon Council was founded in 1982 through the efforts of the pastor, Father Joseph R. Kiniry and the District Deputy, Edward F. Molchany, both who are now deceased. It is named after Monsignor James E. Fitzgibbon, who was pastor of Saint Benedict Parish when the present church building was being constructed in 1962. The Msgr. James E. Fitzgibbon Council works closely with the Saint Benedict Parish in Geistown, which is a suburb of Johnstown, PA, providing funds for various projects, members being active participants in their parish. Currently, Council 8244 has one hundred four members. We are a very diverse group of Knights, Included in our group of Knights, we have a Lawyer, Teachers, Blue Collar Workers, Clerical, Knights who were Bosses or Supervisors, Business People, Priests, and Pharmacists.

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